Hollywood – there’s no other place like it. It is diverse, fun, unconventional and unexpected. And the best part about it is that there are so many things to do there. Most importantly, though, Hollywood is renowned as the home of the film and entertainment industry. On that note, what are the main places you should go to? We hope that our list of recommendations will inspire you!

Walk of Fame

To start with, you should definitely go to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Running along Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard, this street comprises the most famous names, which are represented by the stars on the sidewalk. You’ll find the names of musicians, actors, directors and other important personalities from domains such as recording, radio, TV, motion pictures, as well as live and theatre performance.

This tradition goes back to 1960. At that time, it led to a lot of controversies regarding who should or should not be included. Hence, in order to determine that, there is a nomination process and the nominees are officially announced each June.

The Hollywood Sign

It goes without saying that a visit to Hollywood would be incomplete without seeing the one and only Hollywood Sign. Initially, the sign was created in 1923. Supposedly, it should have remained up for roughly a year and a half. Still, years afterward, the sign is still there, being a representative of this city. As a matter of fact, there are various interesting facts about the sign; for example, it was meant as a real-estate advertisement. Who knew that it would become an emblem of the city?

In order to reach this viewpoint, you should drive there – the good thing is that there is plentiful parking space. However, if you want to get a closer look, you might consider trekking on Mt. Lee Dr., to experience a whole, unique view of the cityscape.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Another great spot that is worthy of your attention is, without fear of contradiction, the Universal Studios Hollywood. It is separated into specific areas – namely a working studio, a theme park, the City Walk, and an area comprising of cafes, restaurants, and shops. It would be safe to say that the park provides some of the most alluring theme park rides in the United States. While it’s true that there are the classic rides as well, new, innovative rides are continually developed, being inspired by popular TV shows or movies.

What is more, you might consider taking a tour behind the camera, and see what the filming of a Hollywood film entails. A tour allows you to catch a glimpse of the making of a film. You can see some of the most renowned former movie sets – some classics are the Bates Motel, the War of the Worlds or Wisteria Lane.

Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip is situated in West Hollywood, belonging to the renowned Sunset Boulevard. This is an eclectic, charming area filled with restaurants, shops, and various entertainment venues, accompanied by eye-catching billboards.

At nighttime, the street comes even more to life, being filled with neon colors and never-ending crowds of people. While the street isn’t as high-end as it would be in the past, it is still pretty unique, being a significant part of the city and its charm. This is why a visit to the Sunset Strip is a must. This is also the place to get across famous people.

These are some of our top recommendations for visiting Hollywood. Of course, the city has so much more to offer. It’s entirely up to you to discover it at your own pace and taste its specific charisma!