Here are a few things I’ve made recently. I made the bird and pincushion when we were visiting my family after Christmas (both projects are from the book Scandinavian Stitches, which I was given for Christmas – yay!). I had a lovely afternoon crafting with my Mum, like we used to back when I was younger and still lived with my parents. 


The two floral prints in the right hand corners of the pincushion are scraps of vintage fabrics that my Mum has kept from my things my Gran made. The bottom one was from a dress of my Gran’s and the top one was from an apron that I think was actually made by my great grandmother. I’ll have to check with mum about that one. I used that same fabric for the back of the pincushion too. It’s beautiful and bright and I like that the tiny scraps of fabric have such history to them.


The dress I made for our niece’s birthday. I used a commercial pattern, rather than drafting one myself, which is a rather refreshing experience for me as I usually design and draft all my patterns myself. I love making kids clothes because they’re small and cute, but I do get nervous about them fitting! It’s a simple, easy fitting design so hopefully it fits!