I had a few hakea branches left over from this project and decided to use them to create a simple Christmas display for my living room. I love the natural texture and organic form of the branches and wanted to make some quick, yet pretty decorations to complement the branches. I came up with these simple, textural stars. 

They are really easy to make! All you need is some scraps of a coarsely woven fabric in a neutral colour (I used scraps of a rayon blend home furnishing fabric, which has a similar look to hessian), a few pins, a needle and some metallic gold embroidery thread.


Draw up a star shape to your desired size. Keep in mind that the fabric will fray a bit, so don’t make them too small or the point might fray away completely! I made mine a touch over 5 cm (2″). Cut the star out of two layers of fabric and sew the two layers together with a large running stitch, leaving a tail of thread at the start. When you get all the way around, leave another tail of thread and knot the ends of the tails, creating a hanging loop.


Make as many stars as you want, hang them on the branches and add some fairy lights. You can never have to many fairy lights at Christmas!




All you need to make these baubles is a packet of foam balls in your preferred size, fine glitter, Mod Podge, floristry wire, a small paint brush, pliers/wire cutters/strong scissors and a tray to make a glittery mess in (you can make one by folding up three sides of a piece of paper or card).

It’s as simple as putting the glitter in the tray, painting Mod Podge on the foam balls, rolling them in the glitter and then putting them aside to dry.


Once dry, poke a piece of floristry wire through all the way through the bauble. I didn’t want the baubles falling off the hook, so bend over about 1 cm (1/2″) at the end of the wire to create a very narrow hook. Poke it back up into the bauble so it’s secure and the bauble can’t slip off the wire. Cut the other end to your required length and bend over another hook to hand your ornament. Repeat with all the baubles and with different colours of glitter!


I used mine to decorate this selection of hakea branches that I collected from my parents’ property. I added some little clusters of faux cranberries I bought from a craft store because I thought they looked pretty. I like the mix of native Australian branches combined with more traditional Christmas elements such as the berries, glitter and red, green and gold colour scheme. I arranged the branches in a vase and put a few tea light candles around the base. And there you have it – a different sort of Christmas tree.

These photos of the tree are taken in our home before I added the baubles, but I actually created this arrangement to go in the foyer of my church, where I combined it with a festive and meaningful canvas. I’ll try to remember to take some photos of it soon!