As you have said, you wanted to become an actress and a writer since the age of five. How did your parents react when you told them about your dream?

They supported me. Well, at first my mom was thinking I was influenced by the MTV and all the shows where it was popular to be popular. My dad took it more seriously and the next week we were enrolling for the acting school two blocks from my house. With years, I`m more and more thankful for the decision my dad made that day, even though my mom didn`t support him back then.

Why do you work with toddlers but write screenplays for adults?

It is easy to work with the beginners, the love and the feedback they give you are priceless. However, as an artist, you need to follow your dreams and still earn some. I love illustrating social issues of our modern world. Thus, my works are more for grown-ups than youth.

What is your GPA? What about your academic prosperity and grades you get at USM?

I`m in the top best students in my college. My GPA this year is 4.39. By the date of graduation, I`m going to achieve the minimum of 4.5, as I want to graduate with flying colors! Curious on how I`m gonna do it? Don`t miss my blogging experience 😉