Yo folks! My name is Angela and I`m from SAMO, which is literally the best place you can live, and dream, and work, and have friends, and so much more at.

This is my junior year at USM (University of Santa Monica) with the Theatre Arts as my major. As well, I`m a graduate and a tutor at the 3-2-1 Acting Studios, where I help toddlers and teens obtaining their acting skills and learn what a real acting is.

I`ve been acting and attending filming classes as long as I remember myself. At the age of 5 I wrote my first story which was staged in kindergarten. I assume, the first night was the exact moment when I realized I want to act and write on a professional level.

Nowadays, as I have already mentioned, I do a lot of acting. But what I haven`t mentioned is that I also write. Not only stage plays and some scripts, I own a blog where I explain the elements ‘behind the curtain’, the life in LA, share tips on how to stay popular on campus and give advice on how to find your inner happiness.

In case you haven`t heard of my works before, take a minute and check some of my articles. Are you a starting actor, dream to be on stage, fascinating by performing arts? Come to check my blog!