Every person will develop a hobby at some point in their life. Some people love to go hiking, others love reading, and some would pick bungee jumping as a weekend hobby. They pick the exact thing that gives them an adrenaline rush – or simply relaxes them. This is especially good when you are in college and you need all the brain breaks that you can get.

Me? I’m one of those more boring people that find comfort in more tranquil stuff – namely, sewing. My name is Angela, and I’m a proud young mother – which is probably one of the reasons why I’m so fond of sewing. And honestly, who wouldn’t love crafting things for their little bundles of joy?

Sure, you can go buy them clothes or teddy bears from a store – but there’s something special about having something created just for them. When they grow up, they can look with nostalgia at those items, proudly saying “my mother made this just for me.” Plus, it allows me to pamper my child with my love in a way that actually makes me feel good.

The Early Start

I admit, my passion for sewing and embroidery became stronger once I became a mother – but that’s not when it started. Like any other girl, I would dress up my dolls as well – and obviously, the single dresses that my dolls came with were never enough – so I had to make them other clothes as well.

Growing up, I moved from doll clothes to human clothes. At some point in college, I no longer had to look for ages for a suitable dress; I could just make it myself. I had the ideas in mind, and all that was left was to get the fabric. Not only would it be a cheaper alternative, but it would also get me exactly the dress that I wanted.

I created this blog to share my knowledge and offer step-by-step guides on how to sew various things, from pillows to clothes and toys. It will be fun, and it will make every new item unique. Happy sewing and I hope you enjoy your time here!