The main distinction between mediocre and compelling acting lies in character building. In other words, your priority as an actor is to bring the character to life. In order to accomplish this, there are plentiful acting techniques that might come in helpful. The audience must never question your interpretation of the character. This is real, genuine acting in its rawest form.

So, how do you accomplish this? Do consider the following tips.

Do Your Research

The actual process of building a character starts before the rehearsals do. That is to say, you should have comprehensive knowledge regarding the play or movie, and to pinpoint the personality of the character. In this way, when the rehearsals do start, you will be making the correct decisions concerning your character. It is of utmost importance to comprise a backstory for your character.

If you’ve been chosen to play a part – it means that you are the right person for it. So, make sure you derive your confidence from this and remain focused on the part you’re playing. As long as you do that, you will come off as believable to your audience. Lack of confidence is, in fact, the primary signs of bad acting, so make sure you work on eliminating your doubts.

See the Character from a Deeper Angle

The way in which you perceive the character physically is just as critical when you’re trying to build a character. And this is much more important if your speaking part is rather limited. On that note, you should concentrate on both the physicality of your character, as well as a certain degree of self-awareness. Still, you shouldn’t allow your self-awareness to overrule the life and essence of the character; this is one of the main rules of acting.

Furthermore, you should incorporate all the details that make up a character, such as the gestures one uses, the way in which one walks, talks stands, so on and so forth. It’s as simple as this: the audience should notice that everything about the character comes as a whole. These are, in fact, the details that make the world of a difference when it comes to transmitting feelings. Make sure you consider this next time you’re performing.

Take Your Time

In order to build a character, you should do so much more than simply regurgitating a series of memorized lines. You should take the time to take in the environment, as well as the other actors present in the scene. At the same time, you should build your scenes depending on the feedback of the actors you’re playing with, as well. Make sure you look at the lines and anticipate your character’s reactions.


The key to successfully building up a character stays in your capability of staying focused on what you have to do. Not only that you should focus on your character and the reactions you should embrace, but you should be in tune with the actors you’re playing with, their lines, personalities, so on and so forth. In this way, you’ll be able to react naturally to the actions that are taking place around you. In time, it’ll become easier to stay focused during rehearsals.

All in all, you’ll realize that, with time and perseverance, you can accomplish anything. As you become more experience in the realm of acting, the entire process will come more naturally to you, meaning that you will feel more comfortable and at ease in someone else’s skin. Don’t get discouraged, and remember our tips for creating a convincing character!