Mistakes are an imminent part of life – and the same applies to the acting realm. Even the most experienced actors are likely to make mistakes. Still, the key to continually improving yourself is learning from your mistakes. Being nervous definitely doesn’t help when it comes to auditioning for a part – but it’s entirely up to you to learn to control your emotions and to do your best.

That being said, what are some of the main things you should avoid doing in the audition room?

Be Scared

It goes without saying that your attitude and the vibe you convey are some of the most quintessential things when it comes to auditioning. And while there are many helpful tips out there, an important guideline is embracing a confident approach. You don’t need to have the perfect environment in order to do your best.

In plain English, forget that you’re working and allow the character you’re playing to come to life. In order to accomplish this, you should be confident, and act with mind and heart, so that the role doesn’t seem like something outside of you, but something that is part of you. Essentially, it is difficult, if not impossible to allow the work to flow if you’re constantly thinking that the casting director might not like you, or anything of the sort.

That being said, you should focus on connecting and living in the moment, allowing the experience to flow naturally.

Being Inflexible

While most directors appreciate actors that have personal opinions, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be collaborative and flexible. As a rule of thumb, you should focus on working with the director. Still, don’t go in the opposite direction – you shouldn’t be a pushover either. Be open to any suggestions or recommendations the director might have for the part. Also, be prepared to audition in more than one way.

Being Unprepared

Auditions can be really tough, especially when you’re not prepared. Contrary to popular belief, though, being unprepared for an audition doesn’t necessarily entail only the memorizing of the script. When you’re rehearsing the audition material, you should a lot more than recite some words – you should get into character. So, make sure you rehearse this at home, as well. Spontaneity is definitely great, but, during auditions, one tends to be overstressed and nervous, and it might not necessarily work to your advantage.

Being Ignorant

As we’ve already noted, preparing for an audition implies a lot more than knowing the script by heart, or by knowing how to interpret the character. You should also take the time to do some research. An example would be: if you want to audition for a play by August Wilson, you should read some of his work, to familiarize yourself with the style. Conversely, your limited knowledge of black literature might impair your capability of interpreting the role like a pro.

Essentially, the same principle applies to Shakespeare. You should be knowledgeable regarding the correct word pronunciations, as well as the meaning of rarely utilized words.


Being too friendly during an audition isn’t necessarily recommendable either. Under no circumstances should you ask the director any personal questions. You should also avoid being overly friendly or talking about the weather or any other chit-chatting topics. Also, sharing too much personal information is contraindicated as well.

To conclude, it’s quintessential to learn from previous audition mistakes. It’s just as important to avoid making new ones. Even so, you shouldn’t despair: mistakes, setbacks – however, you want to call them, are part of the learning process. With the right attitude, you’ll keep improving so that you become a better actor.


Being in the acting industry is a huge challenge. While it is true that it can be really rewarding and alluring, the statistics are quite discouraging. It appears that roughly 92 percent of the people pursuing a career in acting don’t get a chance, whereas the remaining 8 percent have regular jobs. However, challenges can be surpassed with the right skills, preparation, and determination – which brings us to today’s topic, namely how to maximize the likelihood of getting a winning audition?

Analyze the Audition Notice

When you arrive at an audition, you should be more than ready to perform. You should be able to masterfully present the requested material. In this direction, you should carefully examine the audition notice. What is expected of you? Should you have a monologue prepared? Essentially, the material you present should match the specifications of the audition.

Rehearse Beforehand

As we’ve already pointed, most auditions entail the preparation of a material. The ideal scenario is getting the script before the audition. Still, it might be handed to you at the audition venue. If that happens, you should aim at memorizing at least some of the lines before facing the panel.

On the flipside, though, if you do get the script beforehand, this would give you plenty of time for rehearsing. For example, you might consider rehearsing in front of the mirror, to get the confidence you need to present the role as you should. Essentially, you are supposed to do a lot more than simply read some lines. You are expected to act on them like a pro – this is the key to ensuring you get a successful audition.

The director should be able to see a significant difference between you and the character you’re representing. The character should come to life as you present the part.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is an important trait, especially for actors. That is to say, you should always be flexible when it comes to the audition material. For instance, you might be asked to interpret the role differently, or in various ways; you might have to play a distinct personality.

While you might do an excellent job of performing a long monologue with real tears in your eyes, you should be ready to do the exact same monologue in a whimsical, calm voice, as well. Flexibility is a highly regarded quality in the realm of acting, so make sure you own it.

Embrace a Professional Approach

While it is true that, for some actors, unemployment is a lifestyle, having a professional approach can significantly increase your chances of succeeding. For example, you should always try to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the start of the audition. At the same time, you should remain courteous and polite without being overly talkative.

On a different note, there are casting directors that expect resumes and headshots. Hence, you might consider bringing them with you to your auditions. Also, the headshot should look like you; so steer clear of cheesy poses.

As a rule of thumb, though, you should convey every audition for a job interview. Remain modest, yet confident, and avoid any speeches that aim at persuading the director that you are the best person for the part.

To conclude, every audition comes with its share of difficulties you ought to surpass. Regardless of the experience, you gain as time passes by, the process doesn’t get any easier. And while there are some unparalleled rewards that come with the territory, this doesn’t eliminate the existence of challenges. We hope that you’ve found our advice useful!


Hollywood – there’s no other place like it. It is diverse, fun, unconventional and unexpected. And the best part about it is that there are so many things to do there. Most importantly, though, Hollywood is renowned as the home of the film and entertainment industry. On that note, what are the main places you should go to? We hope that our list of recommendations will inspire you!

Walk of Fame

To start with, you should definitely go to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Running along Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard, this street comprises the most famous names, which are represented by the stars on the sidewalk. You’ll find the names of musicians, actors, directors and other important personalities from domains such as recording, radio, TV, motion pictures, as well as live and theatre performance.

This tradition goes back to 1960. At that time, it led to a lot of controversies regarding who should or should not be included. Hence, in order to determine that, there is a nomination process and the nominees are officially announced each June.

The Hollywood Sign

It goes without saying that a visit to Hollywood would be incomplete without seeing the one and only Hollywood Sign. Initially, the sign was created in 1923. Supposedly, it should have remained up for roughly a year and a half. Still, years afterward, the sign is still there, being a representative of this city. As a matter of fact, there are various interesting facts about the sign; for example, it was meant as a real-estate advertisement. Who knew that it would become an emblem of the city?

In order to reach this viewpoint, you should drive there – the good thing is that there is plentiful parking space. However, if you want to get a closer look, you might consider trekking on Mt. Lee Dr., to experience a whole, unique view of the cityscape.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Another great spot that is worthy of your attention is, without fear of contradiction, the Universal Studios Hollywood. It is separated into specific areas – namely a working studio, a theme park, the City Walk, and an area comprising of cafes, restaurants, and shops. It would be safe to say that the park provides some of the most alluring theme park rides in the United States. While it’s true that there are the classic rides as well, new, innovative rides are continually developed, being inspired by popular TV shows or movies.

What is more, you might consider taking a tour behind the camera, and see what the filming of a Hollywood film entails. A tour allows you to catch a glimpse of the making of a film. You can see some of the most renowned former movie sets – some classics are the Bates Motel, the War of the Worlds or Wisteria Lane.

Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip is situated in West Hollywood, belonging to the renowned Sunset Boulevard. This is an eclectic, charming area filled with restaurants, shops, and various entertainment venues, accompanied by eye-catching billboards.

At nighttime, the street comes even more to life, being filled with neon colors and never-ending crowds of people. While the street isn’t as high-end as it would be in the past, it is still pretty unique, being a significant part of the city and its charm. This is why a visit to the Sunset Strip is a must. This is also the place to get across famous people.

These are some of our top recommendations for visiting Hollywood. Of course, the city has so much more to offer. It’s entirely up to you to discover it at your own pace and taste its specific charisma!